June 16, 2024
Ghost Hunt in Allhallows

Slough Fort is a small artillery fort that was built at Allhallows-on-Sea in the north of the Hoo Peninsula in Kent.

This mid-19th century Fort in Allhallows Kent was built to tackle the rise of French Ironclad Ships and guard a vulnerable stretch of the river Thames.

Are you brave enough to join Ghost Hunter Tours on a full blown ghost hunt at one of the countries reported most haunted forts?. We will take you on an investigation of this very dark and scarey location and we will attempt to make contact with the spirits that reside within its tunnel network

Our guided tours are a step back in time and provide an insight into life during the many years the Fort was operational. Our guides provide the historical knowledge to bring the Fort to life for our guests.

Slough Fort Allhallows ME3 9QF

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