June 16, 2024

About Us

I came up with the idea of creating MedwayMonkey many years ago when my children were starting to leave school. Over the years when they were younger I had always been frustrated when, having searched online for something for them to do, or to find a club or activity for them specifically in Medway, the search would always return lots of unrelated results and for areas a long way from Medway.

I also realised there were a lot of activities and clubs in Medway that had no online footprint, so they couldn’t be found.
Imagine finding and regularly travelling to a childminder who lives 2 miles away, only to then find out a year later there a 3 great ones living just streets away from where you live, but who have no website and advertise just by ‘word of mouth’.

So the first aim was to create a central website where smaller businesses, services providers, and people running interesting clubs and associations could have their own webpage which can be easily found by those wanting to find things specifically in Medway.

The second aim was to try to ‘map’ everything that Medway has to offer, from the quirkiest clubs and enthusiasts to the larger associations and businesses, all within Medway.

MedwayMonkey is also set up to signpost people to the larger Medway organisations and established websites, giving a short introduction to the service they have to offer and then directing you to look at their website.

I wanted MedwayMonkey to be the ‘one stop shop’ place to look when you knew specifically what you were looking for, as well as being the place to look when you needed ideas or inspiration for a new hobby or activity.

Using the site.

The site is set up so you can search for specific things, by ‘double clicking’ on the main headings near the top of the page to see everything in that category, or just click once on the main headings to open a drop down menu for a more specific search.
Or you can just browse the site and its many pages and hopefully come across an idea for something to do, or find a new activity you hadn’t thought of trying.

Help us to grow into the ‘go to’ place for things to do in Medway.

We want to hear from you, no matter what the size of your business or activity is.

If you’re a small business owner or someone who runs a club locally, MedwayMonkey is the place for you to advertise.

MedwayMonkey is very effective in reaching a wide Medway audience so people can find you and your website. It can also provide you with a web page of your own so you can really sell what you have to offer, and we will create that page with you to meet your needs, and give you a QR code for your business cards or leaflets so people can go straight to your page.

So come and join us and be a part of MedwayMonkey. Just use the ‘contact us’ page to get in touch.