May 19, 2024
Physiotherapy in Medway

Injury Therapist is an independently operated company with Sports Injury Clinics based in and around the Medway and Maidstone area at Chatham, Rochester and Strood.
We are dedicated to providing musculo-skeletal injury rehabilitation. Diagnosis of injuries and facilitation of the return to full functionality. Normal procedure consists of assessing a patient’s condition prior to the appropriate treatment direction. These biomechanical assessments assess an individual’s joint function and bone structure for abnormalities that may contribute to a pattern of function that predisposes to injury. Analysing the spinal symmetry, limb length, hip knee and foot function with neurological factors.

Our Sports Therapists are trained to at least degree level in musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, similar to the skills learnt by musculoskeletal physiotherapists. High-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulations comparable to those techniques used by Chiropractors and Osteopaths can also be used as part of our treatments along with acupuncture and dry needling.
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