June 16, 2024
Martial Arts Centre in Chatham

Shi Kon Martial Arts Centre in Chatham offers karate and tai chi for adults and children.

Shi Kon Martial Arts is run by highly successful, long serving experienced traditional and modern martial artists with a record to prove our successful formula.

Shi Kon Martial Arts was established in 1988 By Steve Rowe and named by his Iaido Instructor Okimitsu Fujii who drew the calligraphy that hangs in the Chatham Honbu Dojo.  Shi Kon means ‘Warrior Spirit’ being the spirit or heart of a cultured Samurai warrior.  Shi Kon is the coming together of Steve’s training in Karate under the late Toru Takamizawa (he was the Chairman of the Takamizawa Institute of Karate), his Tai Chi training under James Uglow and Ma Lee Yang, his Iaido training under Okimitsu Fuji and Vic Cook and his Jodo training with Vic Cook.

Shi Kon has affiliated clubs all over England and in the Czech Republic. It is recognised by the British Council For Chinese Martial Arts and Sport England who have recognised it with Clubmark accreditation. It is also approved by the Safeguarding Code In Martial Arts.

As a community association Shi Kon work with many local, national and international charities, taking part in many of their events.

Shi Kon Martial Arts Centre, Chatham Hill, Chatham, Kent, ME5 7BB

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