May 19, 2024

Severn Chakras Yoga

Yoga in Rochester

We provide a relaxing and welcoming space where anyone, regardless of their ability, can come and take part in a class. 

Our studio is fitted with underfloor heating for your comfort but also to help you release tension and achieve deeper relaxation. We also have specialised ambient lighting to provide a calming environment.  

Whether you need to de-stress, get more flexible, relieve pain in your back or cure insomnia, we are here to help you on your journey. 

Still not sure why you should do yoga? Below is a list of benefits. 

  • improves flexibility
  • increases muscular strength and tone
  • perfects your posture
  • maintains bone density
  • improves lymphatic drainage and boosts immunity
  • decreases blood pressure
  • makes you happier 
  • help you focus
  • improves balance
  • reduces aches and pains
  • helps you sleep

Seven Chakras Yoga Studio, 114 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1JT

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